AMSTERDAM BY BOAT is situated along the picturesque Singel in the heart of Amsterdam

Our shipping company embodies a profound love for classic ships and a commitment to their preservation for future generations. This dedication materializes through commercial utilization, allowing us and our guests to revel aboard these storied vessels.
Beyond restoring cherished historic crafts such as salon boats and towboats, our company pioneers the creation of modern ships with a timeless allure. Like in the City Tender project, we integrate cutting-edge environmentally sustainable practices. For years, our canal boats have navigated electrically, ensuring an indelible, eco-conscious, and serene voyage for our guests on the canals of Amsterdam.


The team

Our passionate team comprises seasoned navigators of Amsterdam’s waterways, adept at customizing boat trip packages to match your tastes. Be it an intimate gathering with refreshments, a corporate affair, a wedding celebration, or any event, rely on our expertise for tailored guidance and a compelling quote for your cruise. Embrace the city’s allure from its waters through our diverse all-inclusive packages, designed to immerse you fully in its charms. Our office is located in the heart of the city, at Singel 287e, just a stroll away from Dam Square.

Emile de Jong

Managing Director

Martijn Hulsebosch

Operational Director

Berend van Ravenstijn

Event Planner

Christine Verhagen-Henny

Event Planner

Judith Metsaars

Event Planner

Marcus Weisz

Hospitality Manager

Rachelle Walkier

Event Planner


Ship Dog

We are committed to a sustainable approach and preserving our stunning waterways

Hence, every one of our boats is electric, ensuring a comfortable and excellent voyage in an eco-conscious way. 

Our electrically powered vessels foster a cleaner, healthier environment, so you can experience a serene and emission-free ambiance. The electric motors not only provide a seamless, cleaner cruise but also allow you to unwind and savor every moment on deck.

A tailored cruise awaits

Embark on a mesmerizing guided journey through Amsterdam’s captivating canals, where unlimited drinks and delicious bites await aboard our exquisite, timeless vessels.