Cruise along Amsterdam’s charms

Transforming every cruise into an unforgettable memory

At Amsterdam By Boat, we’re committed to the highest quality in every aspect. Our dedicated and experienced team is poised to fulfill your every requirement, crafting an experience that lingers in your memory.

Amsterdam by boat, The perfect guided cruise

Our roofs open to the skies, letting in the sunshine. As the temperature drops, we close the shutters and warm up the space.

From the water, you can enjoy Amsterdam at its very best. With our silent electric motors, we ensure the only sound you’ll hear is the gentle ripples of water. 

Drinks and bites? We have plenty aboard!

Set sail aboard our Drinks & Bites boat and expect the libations to flow endlessly—unlimited beer, wine, soda, and the warmth of mulled wine, complemented by finger foods, with the option to indulge in a cheese platter.

A tailored cruise awaits

Embark on a mesmerizing guided journey through Amsterdam’s captivating canals, where unlimited drinks and delicious bites await aboard our exquisite, timeless vessels.