Aagje Deken

The Boat

Sailing aboard the Aagje Deken is a special experience. This salonboat is 100% electric what also makes it very quiet. With good weather the hood can me rolled up. With bad weather we can turn on the heating. The Aagje Deken is a great boat equipped with dimmable lights. You can operate the music installation with your own mobile telephone. With the tables unfolded, you can enjoy a lovely sit-down diner for 25 persons. After the diner the tables can be folded back up and the Aagje Deken is transformed to the ideal ship for a drink till the late hours. Do you wish to bring your own food or drinks on board? That’s possible without extra cost’s. 

Price € 180 per hour excl. 9% tax


















• Sails electric
• Transfer & drinks up to 25 persons
• Sit down diner up to 25 persons
• Taxi rides from A to B
• Can open all around
• Music installation operated by Bluetooth
• Heating on board
• Your own food & drinks allowed on board



  • Boat tours
  • Happy Hours
  • Bachelorparty’s
  • Pizzacruise
  • Lunch/Sandwiches/Rolls
  • Bar service or bring your own drinks









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“Entertainment on board

While sailing the canals you might want to enjoy some entertainment on board

  • Guides in 30 languages
  • Music: Local troubadours, Opera singer, singing waitresses and much more
  • Pubquizes

For all other options and possibilities contact our event planners at +31(0)20 4622 115 or send an email to info@amsterdambyboat.com






Sailing and food have always been connected. We can serve you a wide variety of food from some simple snacks, elaborate buffets to an exclusive seated dinner on board. Whatever option you select, your party will be sure to enjoy their on board dining experience.